Mar 27

Billy Graham Library… Charlotte, NC

We have visited here before, but this was the first time since Billy’s Homegoing….  very inspirational and beautiful… what a testimony to the world.

Bessie the Milkcow

All of us in front of where Billy and Ruth are buried… here are there stones… love the messages: 🙂

The cross is the door to the Billy Graham Library.

Mar 25

Last day in Florida for winter…

Since we were so busy for the last month, we decided to spend one last night just relaxing in FL and have some family time at the ocean. 🙂

Ready to go…

They are far more interested in building sand creations than the water.  🙂

Beach bowling… or something.  Roll the ball.. get it in certain holes/ditches and get different points… and they had a big “sand” score sheet…  Points for creativity.  🙂

Nation cooked his catch and ate it.  🙂

Bye Florida… for now… see you in May for the FL ARVC Conference…

Mar 24

Compass RV Park ~ St. Augustine, FL

Day 27… last Florida music presentation… then to TN for Easter and them back to Branson…

God has given us the grace and favor to do about 23 presentations in about 28 days!  🙂  Yeah God!

These folks met us at the Florida ARVC conference last year and wanted us to come.  Very nice RV park.  They’ve really done alot with it and superb customer service!  They even let us come to their breakfast the next morning for free. 🙂

 Really neat group, great conversations, Anthem got to teach some instruments and Justus and Honour even made some friends.  🙂

The Rolf family’s next singing sensation!  Ha… ha… every night after the music, she picks up the mics and had a show of her own. 🙂

Yummy breakfast.   🙂

A walk on their trail.

Bible and schoolwork time

Mar 23

Gospel Music Event ~ Waldo, FL

Day 25… this is our 3rd stop and Dixieland Music Campground in Waldo.  The owner is amazing and tells groups that are coming in about us in case they want music added to their event.

This was more of a Southern Gospel event, but they let us play a few songs after the lady that organizes the event did her concert and testimony… kind of us introducing ourselves to them.  The attendees seemed to appreciate it.

Oops… guess we didn’t take any pictures of the evening… It was so late, I stayed in the RV and put the Littles to bed.  🙂

Picking apart meat that we were given. 🙂

A little canal by where we camped the next day.  They also went fishing. 

Mar 20

Sunshine Village ~ Webster, FL

Day 24… our good friend, Ron owns this park.  We played music after their season-end meal… we got a little wet… well, actually we got ALOT wet beinging our instruments ans sound in from the rain… it was literally gushing from the sky… a real “Gulley warsher”… as they say in Tennesse, only it lasted quite awhile, there were all kinds of tornado warning, etc… out, but we played, they loved it and everyone was blessed.  🙂

They were sopping wet, but it was fun.  🙂

Mar 20

Tennis, banana splits, horses, fun and laundry… 

Only 2 more weeks and our winter ministry tour is complete for 2018…

We saw a tennis court on our way north and stopped to play for a bit…

Tennis anyone?

We got banana splits items at the grocery store and had a late birthday treat.  🙂

Yum,  yum…

A farmer let us visit his horses…

Anthem was the “horse”, the stroller the “carriage” and I guess Glorye is the “footman”… 🙂  I think they needed to play.

Mar 18

Lake Wales Campground ~ Lake Wales, FL

Day 21… What an encouraging, fun, friendly community!  This was the first time we had been here and everyone really loved the kids.  We met some really neat friends that want us to come to Canada… hope we can go again someday.  The next morning, we attended their church service and sang a couple more songs for them.  Overall, we were really blessed and so were they.  🙂

Funny sign at Lake Wales Campground. 🙂

Our new friends taking an end of season picture after church.  🙂

Glorye trying to read the Bible.  🙂

Mar 17

Fishing, Snorkeling and Seaside Sunday School

It’s St. Patrick’s Day… who was really an extrodinary fellow, if you study him.  But, we had parked by the water and so we went fishing, Nation actually got in the water and “snorkeled” around a bit and Anthem led the Littles in a Seaside Sunday School.  It was a peaceful morning before heading to Lake Wales for a presentation.

Mar 17

Happy Birthday, Mom… 2 days late.  :)

Since we were so busy on the 14th… we “celebrated” today instead… Back to the Tampa Bay Skyview Bridge for family time and fishing.  🙂  But first, we went to the beach at Clearwater… it was good to have some family fun time…

Traffic heading to Clearwater….

Ready to play…

Yeah… he wears jeans to the beach sometimes.  🙂  That’d be Banner… but they sure are cute.  🙂

New Apron!  🙂

Nation is always creating something clever and handmade for birthdays.  🙂  He even made the pencil!

They all make nice cards on birthdays.  🙂

It was a very nice day. 🙂

Mar 16

Camp Gilead ~ take 2… Polk City, FL

We had the evening off after we left West Orlando Baptist, so we came back over to Camp Gilead for the evening.  It is very peaceful there and all of the staff are very encouraging and a big blessing.

Anthem got a very neat surprise.  Lauren, the director’s daughter brought her a big box of all kinds of doll clothes and about 7 dolls!!!  She was so excited, the 2 of them worked together to put all kinds of fun outfits together.  She is VERY blessed.  🙂  The doll clothes actually came from 3 girls that we met last time we were there.  Their family was staying at Camp Gilead and was getting ready to travel to Thailand as missionaries and the girls made the doll clothes and sold them to help raise funds to go!  So, everything that was left at the house was given away… and Anthem got the extra clothes.  Lauren was excited to share some of her own dolls with Anthem as well.

Huge tree right by our RV at Camp Gilead!  🙂

Camp Gilead has its own lake.  🙂

Best friends.  🙂

Anthem and her babies…

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