Jan 20

Please Pray for our Family in the Loss of Jory…

Dear Friends and Family,


Please pray for our family as Jory Rolf, beloved husband and father, passed away suddenly on Saturday.  The words below, from a dear friend, communicate much better than I can right now, please read.  Your prayers are cherished. 


A Memorial Webpage has been set up where comments can be left and where more details will be shared as they develop:  www.joryrolf.info .  The Celebration of Life Service will be February 2, 2019, 1:30pm at First Baptist Church in Branson.


Thank you for your prayers.


With broken hearts but a fervent trust in the Lord,   

~ tess rolf and children
banner, nation, anthem, justus, honour and glorye


January 20, 2019


Dear friends and family in Christ,

I’m writing to you on behalf of Tess Rolf and the Rolf Family. I am very sorry to have to share that Jory Rolf passed away suddenly in a tragic incident while the family was on the road between bookings for their family music ministry. A fuller account can and will be typed up later, but the main thing I want to convey to you in this moment is that the whole family was there and that Banner and Anthem, in particular witnessed their father’s passing. It’s a lot to process and I want them to have the time and space to do that. So while I, like you, wonder a thousand things about the details of time, place, context and efforts taken, the bigger concern for the moment is a grieving family.


Tess and the kids are currently at a camp in Central Florida where they are surrounded by supportive friends with family members arriving by the day. They have several pastors from their church and ministry board who are helping care for them and work through the arrangements. Right now they have to wait for the hospital to finish up with Jory’s body and then make arrangements to have it transported back West. Tess thinks it will take till midweek or more before those things are sorted out, so it’s likely to be two weeks from now before a funeral can be arranged in Branson, MO and burial service either there or perhaps in Cheyenne.


In the meantime, I’d like to ask if you would consider making a financial donation to the Rolfs. This  would be to help in the immediate expenses which we don’t even know the sum of just yet (medical costs from the road-side efforts, transportation of the body, funeral).  I’d also like you to consider that their financial needs going forward will look very different. Anything we can raise beyond the costs of this difficult moment will give them more time and opportunity to walk through the transition that lays before them as a family. Giving can be done online through the link below and those funds will be available to Tess and the kids right away.


Donation link: https://give.cornerstone.cc/makebelievers


As you pray for the Rolfs, I encourage you to pray over each of the Rolf’s by name, even letting their names prompt how we pray over the whole family: Banner Kalos, Nation Shiloh, Anthem Joy, Justus Amor, Honour Chrestos, Glorye Kharis and Tess Rolf.


With a heavy heart but an unshakeable hope rooted in our victorious Savior,

– tim king

AIM Alumni

Director of Ministries, DRAMA Ministry

Pastor, Christ House