Jul 25

The Ark Encounter… Enormous… Amazing!

We were headed north and one of our bookings was near The Ark Encounter.  We pulled in just to see the cost and such and realized that we couldn’t afford it.  🙁  We were talking to one of the managers outside and he  said to the ticket window… “give them my discount!”  It was 50% off!  Wow… that was a BIG blessing.  The Ark is AMAZING… very educational.  Very well done and an amazing testimony for a Christian themed attraction that teaches biblical truth and a 6 day creation!  Everyone loved it.  🙂

The parking lot is about a mile from the Ark… they take you over on a shuttle bus.

They start at the beginning and teach the Biblical account of a 6 day creation… so that you understand how and why sin entered the world and God’s plan for Redemption.

Inside the Ark looking through.  Tremendous… make sure you go!