Mar 24

Compass RV Park ~ St. Augustine, FL

Day 27… last Florida music presentation… then to TN for Easter and them back to Branson…

God has given us the grace and favor to do about 23 presentations in about 28 days!  🙂  Yeah God!

These folks met us at the Florida ARVC conference last year and wanted us to come.  Very nice RV park.  They’ve really done alot with it and superb customer service!  They even let us come to their breakfast the next morning for free. 🙂

 Really neat group, great conversations, Anthem got to teach some instruments and Justus and Honour even made some friends.  🙂

The Rolf family’s next singing sensation!  Ha… ha… every night after the music, she picks up the mics and had a show of her own. 🙂

Yummy breakfast.   🙂

A walk on their trail.

Bible and schoolwork time