Jul 07

Welcome to the Adventures of Family Anthem

Hello!  Welcome to the Adventures of Family Anthem – in the form of a Blog!  🙂  We are going to try to post as often as possible -Thank you for your prayers!

Jan 11

Heritage Lakes ~ New Port Richey, FL

First stop on the 2019 Florida Ministry Trip!  This was our second year here and one of our only stops in a “subdivision” where the people live there year round as opposed to an RV park with snowbirds… :).  This was the Midwest Club, but the people were from all over.  There were 150 people there. 🙂

One gentleman said he’d lived there for 27 years and went to almost all of the concerts every month and this one was one of the best and that he was really blessed by our family.  We hadn’t done music live since September…except a few specials in church, so it was really humbling and encouraging that people were so blessed.

They were a blessing to us and God used the message to reach hearts.  🙂

Jul 25

The Ark Encounter… Enormous… Amazing!

We were headed north and one of our bookings was near The Ark Encounter.  We pulled in just to see the cost and such and realized that we couldn’t afford it.  🙁  We were talking to one of the managers outside and he  said to the ticket window… “give them my discount!”  It was 50% off!  Wow… that was a BIG blessing.  The Ark is AMAZING… very educational.  Very well done and an amazing testimony for a Christian themed attraction that teaches biblical truth and a 6 day creation!  Everyone loved it.  🙂

The parking lot is about a mile from the Ark… they take you over on a shuttle bus.

They start at the beginning and teach the Biblical account of a 6 day creation… so that you understand how and why sin entered the world and God’s plan for Redemption.

Inside the Ark looking through.  Tremendous… make sure you go!

Apr 10

Happy Birthday, Jory!

Sold the GMC on his birthday and went to a local show…

Apr 08

Young Christians Weekend ~ Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO

Every year for the past at least 14 years…our ministry has been a part of Young Christians Weekend by providing an evangelistic mime presentation for the young people.  This year, juts our family did the mime.  And one of the young men in audience, a 12 year old, asked Jesus into his heart!!!  🙂  Yeah God!

Apr 04

Thousand Trails ~ Natchez Trace…

Since we are TT members, we decided to stay at one of the parks on the way back to Branson… near Natchez Trace Parkway… in TN.  To say it was off the beaten path is understatement, we lost cell coverage a GPS coverage about 10 miles from it and we were basically guessing how to get there.  But, we made it and it is very big and very peaceful… we tried to do some music, but only the coordinators showed up.  
We even got to fish a bit.  🙂

Apr 02

Easter Sunday Joys

We rarely decorate eggs, but decided to let the Littles have some fun…  The big kids hid them outside and I think “most” of them were found.  Some animal will probably gladly eat whatever was left.  🙂

After the Egg-tra special fun.  :)… some friends that we met at Riverbend invited our family to eat at Mama’s Farmhouse.  We had never eaten at a place like that.  It’s family style dining… they bring you all the food you can eat… dessert too.  It was really yummy… and really Southern.  :).  It was a huge blessing.

They had a really fun play area outside for the kids….

Apr 01

Sonrise Service in the Smokies ~ Pigeon Forge, TN

Back at one of our favorite campgrounds… Mr. Rex, the owner, is a strong Christian, generous man of integrity… this is kind of a “home away from home” for us.  🙂  We land here pretty often going from hither and ton to there. 🙂

He hosts a Sonrise Service for Easter and asked us to come and sing.  It was stunning, breathtaking, beautiful, albeit very cold… right around the freezing mark… but, it was well worth it to celebrate the resurrection of the King of Kings!  🙂


We had a few off days between the last presentation and our Easter presentation… so, we just SAT STILL (well as much as is possible for 8 people in a 31ft. RV… but, we tried to take it easy)…. for a couple days at a good friends RV park in Wears Valley and also explored some of Pigeon Forge as well.

Boat race down the creek behind the RV.. . 🙂

Our old-fashioned girl…

Dollywood… Mr. Hershend graciously gives us season passes to Silver Dollar City… and that gives us access to here as well. 🙂  Glorye is always in her stroller, so misses the pictures. 🙂

Such a fun group, full of life, energy and very gifted.

Ha… ha… couple of goof balls. 🙂

Family time by the creek at Riverbend Campground in Pigeon Forge.

Mar 28

Children’s Bible Ministry ~ Townsend, TN

We were able to present for the volunteers that came to help get the camp ready for summer.  We met the directors last year at a jam session nearby and that sparked one of our bookings in FL… and for us to meet the folks at Camp Gilead.  It was a blessing to be there and meet the wonderful Christian brothers and sisters that had come to serve. CBM is a very effective ministry focused on teaching the Bible to children all around the world.

They even fed us a really yummy meal before we started.  🙂

Mar 27

Billy Graham Library… Charlotte, NC

We have visited here before, but this was the first time since Billy’s Homegoing….  very inspirational and beautiful… what a testimony to the world.

Bessie the Milkcow

All of us in front of where Billy and Ruth are buried… here are there stones… love the messages: 🙂

The cross is the door to the Billy Graham Library.

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